• Totally tuneable

    To match multiple tissue types

  • Flexible Handling

    Suitable for multiple applications

  • Simple Chemistry

    No animal-derived materials

Who We Are

Biogelx designs and supplies a family of tuneable peptide hydrogels that mimic the behaviour of the body's tissues and organs – creating new opportunities for cell biology applications.

BioGelX Benefits

Designed for you – Biogelx experts will work with you to identify the precise specification of gel your application demands. We offer standard products which you can tune to your needs – click here to buy now.

BioGelX Benefits Gels can be matched to different cell types.
Flexible Handling Suitable for multiple cell-based applications.
Simple Chemistry Contains no animal-derived materials.

Latest News

Tuned gels reveal molecules that drive stem cell differentiation Thursday 28th July 2016 Academic study published by Prof Ulijn and Prof Dalby in Chem highlights Biogelx technology. Read More
CRACK IT Challenge Tuesday 7th February 2017 Biogelx is delighted to be a part of one of three winning consortia for the NC3Rs CRACK IT challenge: OsteoChip. Working with Cardiff University, University of York and Kirkstall, the project aims to develop an in vitro model to recapitulate the human osteoarthritic joint. Read More
Biogelx & GE Healthcare – 3D Bioprinting Focus Session Thursday 16th February 2017 Eleanore Irvine (Biogelx, Business Development Manager) together with William Whitford (Strategic Solutions Leader, GE Healthcare) will be leading a 3D Bioprinting Focus Session at SMi's 3D Cell Culture conference in London, 22nd February 2017. Topics covered will include current uses and applications, challenges to bioprinting in research, diagnostics, modelling and medicine, and discussion around what the end user really wants from the technology. Read More

Latest Events

22nd - 23rd February 2017 3D Cell Culture LONDON, UK Read More
16 - 17th March 2017 Bioengineering 2017: BioMEMS, 3D-BioPrinting & Synthetic Biology BOSTON, USA Read More
16 - 17th May 2017 3D Printing in Science European Congress HANNOVER, GERMANY Read More